Geometric allows you to map geospatial data sets on on an interactive globe for a 360° view of trends and insights. But that’s just the start. We will work closely with our customers to identify and prioritize new features that will have the greatest impact to their business. Join us at the forefront of new dimensions in data.

No need to call IT

Geometric works 100% in a web browser so you don’t need to download or instal anything. Just open your account on the web and you’re good to go. You can Upload data with a simple drag and drop, customize the look and feel of the experience and view in VR in minutes. Just be sure to check that you have the necessary permissions for any data you are using.

Make multiple projects

Hiring a production studio to make a one-off VR data experience can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Geometric lets you create multiple projects effortlessly. Move beyond Powerpoint presentations to share interactive insights privately with your team, demand attention at events with immersive demos, and stand out on the web and social media.

Enter the Immersive Web

Geometric’s WebXR technology allows you to publish one piece of content to multiple platforms



Works on both Android and iOS

Room-scale VR

HTC Vive, Oculus Rift


Browsers in Windows or Mac

Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality

Mobile VR

Oculus Go. Gear VR. Google Cardboard.


Detected automatically

Game-changing Technology

Geometric is proprietary software that runs on top of WebXR, a Javascript API that unifies the entire spectrum of immersive computing and unites all of the major browser vendors under one standard. Datavized, the makers of Geometric, have been building data-driven VR solutions for the web since 2015 and run the ImmersiveNYC, WebXR, and A-Frame Meetup Groups with events for the community in New York City.